Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Melissa's Evil Minis

A coworker told me about a new cupcake place that opened a couple of blocks from the office. I wish I was never told. Baked by Melissa is a new - soon to be chain - popping up around Manhattan. They only sell mini's and they're about two dainty bites worth of cupcake. They come in crazy fun flavors and are very moist and delish.

Unfortunately they are in between my office and Penn Station. Now I can't make the walk without picking up 3 for $3 of this stinkin evil minis.

See below for a picture of today's indulgence. Smores ~ Red Velvet ~ PB&J

Curse you Melissa. Curse you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chillin with Cake Boss

My firm held an event and Cake Boss came to visit! He made a massive EY themed cake and gave out autographed copies of his new book.
The cake was chocolate with chocolate and vanilla frosting. The cake was good, but not mind blowing - I'd pay a bazillion dollars for more of this cake. I certainly wouldn't wait in line for hours in front of his hoboken shop for this cake. However, i'd gladly accept another piece!

Buddy himself was super sweet. He gave a very nice speech and put up with all of the requests for photos and autographs with a smile. Its nice to meet someone where stardom hasn't ruined their personality. Go Buddy!
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