Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Cake Toppers

When I agreed to make my best friend's wedding cake and she said she purchased toppers for the cake, I think my entire body cringed. However, once I saw these adorable wooden charachters I immeadiately softened. Found on, by the Goose Grease, these custom toppers are hard to resist. .

Custom made for very reasonable prices, they incorporated the look of my friend's attire and hairstyle for bride and groom. They added to her rugged wooden theme (there were adorable wooden stumps used for each table with gorgeous wild flowers).

See here the cake made for Laura and her adorable toppers and then visit Etsy for toppers of your own.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kraft Food & Family

Does anyone else get this magazine? It used to be free and now its something like $7 a year. Its a magazine that Kraft publishes with quick and easy recipes all filled with Kraft products. Some recipes are pretty darn good, other times this magazine makes me laugh. They actually had the Kraft Mac & Cheese directions as a recipe one month, nothing added, just literally straight from the box. They also recycle the recipes way to often. For instance the Angel Lush cake (see my pic of this recipe baked for a friend's birthday below) was now Angel Lush cupcakes in the most recent issue.

Maybe this post is confusing. Yes, I'm knocking it, but giving it praise at the same time. There are simple recipes with easy to find ingredients and they even specify which one's are healthy with a small shining sun over the recipe. However, sometimes I think they take their readers for granted, if they don't think I've noticed the same cake at least once a quarter published. My mom buys me the subscription and its nice to glance through - worth the $7 for one year. Then just save your copies and you've probably collected the entire population of recipes. But thats just my advice.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More consultant than cake

I guess my dreams for a successful blog have been less than, well, successful. I am now on a travel job for a client and have been spending all my time at my client (as I guess I should). Hopefully Easter will be a great excuse to bake something beautiful.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inspiration: Spring Weather

All of this warm weather in NY has me dying to bake fresh fruit pies, tarts or beautiful spring cakes. I found great inspirations and instructions on Good Housekeepings website: The Sweet Taste of Spring: Recipes for Spring Desserts

Some of the beautiful sweet things:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Inspiration: M-Diddy

Good old Martha Stewart. The woman's a genious. She has an entire Suzy Homemaker empire. Whenever I want ideas, its the first place I look. I have a couple of her cookbooks too. Maybe someday, if I can get my hands around what I should be doing with my life, I can have an empire too. Does the fact that I live less than a mile from her childhood home help? I've actually never gone by to see it, but maybe on one of my upcoming runs i'll take a jog by. So do I have what it takes to be the next Martha Stewart? Here is my take on her snowmen cupcakes. They were a huge hit at christmas this year.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dave's Birthday Cakes

Over the years, one of my favorite activities has always been making my husband's birthday cake. I've had some amusing conditions to bake including two different NYU dorm rooms, various NY apartments and finally our townhome. Here are snipets of his various cakes:

This one I made in my first NYU apartment. My husband was mildly obsessed with Smallville on the WB at the time. There have been many superman gifts given to my husband over the years.

This next one was in my second NYU apartment over the summer. It was MIGHTY ambitous and didn't come out quite like the picture (the second photo obviously). First, if you've ever seen NYU's Third North dorm, thats the first clue. Secondly I didn't have anything to sprinkle/sift the chocolate powder on top. I remember being so proud of my chocolate work given my work environment and then completely ruining the cake having to smear powedered chocolate. It was the only cake i've ever made from that cake book. I think it deserves another try.

I'm definitely missing a couple of years in between but this is Dave's 28th birthday cake. I remember this night like it was yesterday. I cooked dinner for us and his best friend and girlfriend. I bake, I do not cook. I made steak and it actually came out ok. Lots of wine, great dinner and of course Birthday Cake!

Dave's 29th cake. Lately I'm big into my nice big wide tips. Small lettering is so tedius. Call me lazy, its OK.

Lastly his 30th cake, but I didn't bake it. I had 60 people at a BBQ and so many other things to worry about. It was a really cool cake, but I must admit, I hate sheet cakes. I like the grand-ness of a big three tiered cake if you're going to make a big cake. Next time I'll bake it and it'll be even cooler (or at least I can hope)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspiration: Miniature Wedding Cakes

So I figured I would structure my blog with a little bit of what i'm doing, whats inspiring me and what's making me mad. Today I want to focus on a bit of an obsession for me. The miniature wedding cake. Most brides focus on bigger things such as venues, dresses and flowers, but for me the most important part of my wedding was the cake. Every year for my anniversary, I ask my husband for the same gift: another wedding cake. He's very against this idea. He thinks its a royal waste of money. He's gotten me regular cakes and cupcakes but never a wedding cake. Maybe if I could find a bakery in my area that made miniature cakes as cute as Scrumptions he would finally cave.

If I could do it all over again, maybe I would have done miniature cakes as centerpieces or if I were really rich, I would send everyone home with a miniature version of my cake as a wedding favor. Hmmm, maybe my 10th anniversary?

So maybe I'm ready to take my obsession to the next level and start making some of these adorable cakes myself. I thought it would be a ton of work, but then I found these short cut pans. Looks like it pops out a mini-wedding cake just like a cupcake pan. I wonder how annoying they are to ice though:

Monday, March 1, 2010

The begining

It all started with begging my roommate to take the Lehigh Mini-Versity Cake decorating class with me. Lehigh offers random classes (we took the sushi class too) for $25 one night per semester (obviously no credits or anything). My roommate Beth was an art major so her cake looks better than mine (her's is the one on the right). I should have forseen her amazing talents back then. Now she's a jewlery designer ( -- shameless plug, but check out her stuff, she's really talented.

These pictures bring back memories of my Junior year in college. They're so old I had to scan them in as I didn't even have a digital camera back then. My have times changed. However, I am very grateful that my friendships haven't much and I can credit Beth with helping make my last wedding cake too!

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