Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toad in the Hole

Because as my friend calls them "Egg in the hole in the middle" just isn't as cool. Whenever I would spend the night at my grandmother's she'd make me this breakfast treat. Its not exactly baking, but damn they make for a perfect hangover cure! [Add advil and diet ginger ale for full relief].
In Grandmom's tradition I make these whenever friends are sleeping over and certainly for girls' weekend at the shore each summer.

To make a proper Toad in the Hole, take a slice of bread, butter it, then cut a hole in the center, I prefer to use fun cookie cutters. Heat a medium pan with more butter and place the bread in the center. Next, crack and egg in the cut out as shown. You can cook the cut out on the side of the pan (It makes for a great dipping tool into the runny yolk). Flip once and serve. Good luck not breaking your yolks!

Cupcake Class @ Butter Lane

This post is way old, probably because I am WAY behind on my cake blogging. Should I blame work, riding, husband, or just my lazy self? Ha!

Anywho.....my friend Kia and I got a groupon for Butter Lane's cupcake class. The groupon was $25. I wouldn't say I necessarily learned anything mind blowing but it was an amazing way to spend the evening with a good friend, and making cupcakes is always fun. Not to mention the perk of gorging myself on Butter Lane cupcakes, I think I ate 3 before I even brought home the dozen I made. OOOps.
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