Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYC Cupcake Review - Cupcake Crew

Cupcake Crew is a cupcake truck that sometimes parks outside my current client's office. This is not good for my thighs as I can't really resist cupcakes. Right around Christmas I gave in and bought a red velvet cupcake. It came with a cute (however plastic) holly on top. I thought the decoration was nice, and the cupcake had a perfect amount of icing. I thought the icing had a nice balance of cream cheese and sweet and the cake was cooked nicely as well. Also the cupcake came in this cute single cupcake carrier so it wouldn't get smooshed on the way back to my desk. To top it all off, they gave me a card for a free mini cupcake if I return...score! (um not for the thighs though).

If you ever see this black and pink truck around, don't hesistate to stop!

Formal Christmas Strawberries

I'm baaaaack. I took some time off baking and blogging while I explored Chile, Peru and Brazil during Oct & Nov. Arriving back December 2nd and not having completed any Christmas shopping was quite fun.

My niece is obsessed with strawberries. In a perfect world, she'd skip dinner and go straight to the strawberries, chocolate covered or not! Just for her, I made these cute tuxedo'd strawberries to brighten Christmas morning.

I washed strawberries and dipped them completely in white chocolate. After about an hour or two in the fridge, I dipped the sides in dark chocolate. Another hour or two in the fridge and I piped on the buttons and bow ties. These were surprisingly easy.

I also made chocolate covered pineapple. This was more difficult since pineapple is so wet. I toweled dried and then dipped in dark chocolate. They came out ugly but were a clear crowd favorite. Then again, anything submersed in chocolate generally tastes amazing.
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