Friday, February 10, 2012

Win Some, Lose Some

Sometimes you win, other times you have three refusals and you’re disqualified. We had a gingerbread contest at work this past Christmas season. Yes that’s how far behind I am, don’t rub it in. I decided since I’m a horseback rider and a baker, I should make a Trojan horse gingerbread house. Lofty goal right?

I printed out a kids paper template for making a Trojan horse. Found here! I used my favorite gingerbread recipe. Everything was going soooo smooth. The dough was perfect. I was easily able to replicate the template into gingerbread, the house smelled wonderful.

What I didn’t realize is that I totally rolled the gingerbread too thin. Now what is thin gingerbread prone to doing…….cracking and breaking. Ugh.

While assembling my beautiful creature I cracked off a leg on one side and a tail on the other. I was able to get them glued on with royal icing and decorate the beast. It was actually really cute when I finished. It even rolled along on its wheels. Success!

Then I realized I had to get this uber fragile item into work. I disassembled and in the process the leg and tail fell off again. Ugh. I carefully put it all onto cookie sheets and drove it into work. Slightly ashamed, I put it together on the presentation table, glued back on the leg and tail and it was standing when I left. I decided to leave no reference to myself in case it fell apart.
The gingerbread houses were on display for a week. By late afternoon of day one, the tail and leg had fallen off again, therefore causing a severe tilt and undue stress on other legs (laminitis dare I say – it’s a horse person joke). By day 2 it was a gingerbread heap. By day four they announced the winners, and mine had a post it note next to it saying – we have no information on this entry. Um FAIL.

I may have failed miserably, but I learned a few things in the process – thicker gingerbread is key and don’t assemble until your at work!!!!
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