Monday, April 19, 2010

Road Trip Cupcake Review

I've been meaning to try some of the local cupcake places and decided my weekly roadtrip up to Albany for work was as good a place as any to give one a try. I stopped at Petite Cafe, Home of the Stuffed Cupcakes. I quickly snabbed four and picked up my coworker at the train station and off we went.

Here are my choices:

Red Velvet: Delicious moist cake, I'd give the cake part 5 stars. The cream cheese icing was 99% cream cheese and could use a bit more powdered sugar to cut 5% more of the tart cheese taste.

Chocolate Caramel: Not too caramel-y and quite tasty. Solid cupcake.

Peanut Butter Blast: Both mine and my coworker's favorite cupcake by far. Nice moist cake, delish icing. Not too peanut-buttery dry either.

Banana Chocolate: Tasted like a muffin I would get from Starbucks, not even close to a cupcake. Dry and way to dense. Not a favorite and wouldn't order again.

My coworker and I weren't the only one's to enjoy roadtrip cupcakes! Portobello was given a little taste of peanut butter cupcake. I can tell you it didn't last long.

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