Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grandma got run over by a super cute reindeer!

I wanted to make a cute Christmas treat for my sister in laws kids for Christmas Eve dinner. My husband hates full size cupcakes, says they’re too much and no one wants a full cupcake, um call me a fat ass, but a large cupcake is perfect in my book.

I decided on vanilla minis with vanilla icing. For the reindeer Christmas decoration I used a half a nutter butter, some pretzels for antlers, mini chocolate chips for eyes and a red M&M for a nose. They did come out cute, but they were uber time consuming and hard to get the pretzels to stick in the cookies. I actually had to widdle down the ends of the pretzels to make them about half their width and flat. I did about a dozen reindeer then had given up.

With the rest of the bazillion minis, I iced them with the vanilla icing then mixed up the remaining icing as red and green. We had another couple over for some wine that night and I pulled out the icing bags and cupcakes and it became a fun adult project. You could totally tell which one’s the boys did! I would definitely recommend this for your next girls night in.

This is a picture of the cupcake I used for inspiration:   

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