Monday, March 1, 2010

The begining

It all started with begging my roommate to take the Lehigh Mini-Versity Cake decorating class with me. Lehigh offers random classes (we took the sushi class too) for $25 one night per semester (obviously no credits or anything). My roommate Beth was an art major so her cake looks better than mine (her's is the one on the right). I should have forseen her amazing talents back then. Now she's a jewlery designer ( -- shameless plug, but check out her stuff, she's really talented.

These pictures bring back memories of my Junior year in college. They're so old I had to scan them in as I didn't even have a digital camera back then. My have times changed. However, I am very grateful that my friendships haven't much and I can credit Beth with helping make my last wedding cake too!

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