Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dave's Birthday Cakes

Over the years, one of my favorite activities has always been making my husband's birthday cake. I've had some amusing conditions to bake including two different NYU dorm rooms, various NY apartments and finally our townhome. Here are snipets of his various cakes:

This one I made in my first NYU apartment. My husband was mildly obsessed with Smallville on the WB at the time. There have been many superman gifts given to my husband over the years.

This next one was in my second NYU apartment over the summer. It was MIGHTY ambitous and didn't come out quite like the picture (the second photo obviously). First, if you've ever seen NYU's Third North dorm, thats the first clue. Secondly I didn't have anything to sprinkle/sift the chocolate powder on top. I remember being so proud of my chocolate work given my work environment and then completely ruining the cake having to smear powedered chocolate. It was the only cake i've ever made from that cake book. I think it deserves another try.

I'm definitely missing a couple of years in between but this is Dave's 28th birthday cake. I remember this night like it was yesterday. I cooked dinner for us and his best friend and girlfriend. I bake, I do not cook. I made steak and it actually came out ok. Lots of wine, great dinner and of course Birthday Cake!

Dave's 29th cake. Lately I'm big into my nice big wide tips. Small lettering is so tedius. Call me lazy, its OK.

Lastly his 30th cake, but I didn't bake it. I had 60 people at a BBQ and so many other things to worry about. It was a really cool cake, but I must admit, I hate sheet cakes. I like the grand-ness of a big three tiered cake if you're going to make a big cake. Next time I'll bake it and it'll be even cooler (or at least I can hope)

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