Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kraft Food & Family

Does anyone else get this magazine? It used to be free and now its something like $7 a year. Its a magazine that Kraft publishes with quick and easy recipes all filled with Kraft products. Some recipes are pretty darn good, other times this magazine makes me laugh. They actually had the Kraft Mac & Cheese directions as a recipe one month, nothing added, just literally straight from the box. They also recycle the recipes way to often. For instance the Angel Lush cake (see my pic of this recipe baked for a friend's birthday below) was now Angel Lush cupcakes in the most recent issue.

Maybe this post is confusing. Yes, I'm knocking it, but giving it praise at the same time. There are simple recipes with easy to find ingredients and they even specify which one's are healthy with a small shining sun over the recipe. However, sometimes I think they take their readers for granted, if they don't think I've noticed the same cake at least once a quarter published. My mom buys me the subscription and its nice to glance through - worth the $7 for one year. Then just save your copies and you've probably collected the entire population of recipes. But thats just my advice.

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